Paper Texture Screen Protector for iPad

Multi features protecting your eyes and data

Paper Texture Feels like writing on paper

Specially designed for iPad users who draws, writes and sketches with iPad Pencil or other active stylus pens.

Easy Installation

It perfectly covers your screen without any bubbles even with a protective case on it.
Precise cutting offers you a perfect integration with your iPad.

Anti-Glare Function

Using Anti-Glare coating, blocks glare from the screen and reduces eye fatigue.

99.9% Anti-Bacterial Coating

Anti-Bacterial coating that suppress bacterial growth on the surface of iPad.


Oleophobic Anti -Fingerprint coating prevents fingerprints, oils and smudges on your screen.

Anti-Scratch Screen Protector

Prevents the screen from scratches.

Test Confirmed 99.9% Anti-Bacterial

How to install

1) Clean your screen with enclosed cleaning cloth and remove dust on the screen with enclosed dust remover.

2) Peel off thr protection vinyl (Step 1) carefully

3) Align the protector on your device with edges the guide. Use enclosed squeegee and cleaning cloth to remove bubbles on the screen.

4) Peel off the protection vinyl (Step 2) carefully.

Part No.
SPTFAG-IPADA10.9Paper Texture Screen Protector for iPad Air 10.9″, Gen.4-5 (2020-2022)221 x 130mm
SPTFAG-IPAD10.9Paper Texture Screen Protector for iPad 10.9, Gen.10 (2022)255.5 x 143.5mm
SPTFAG-IPADP11Paper Texture Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11″, Gen.1-4 (2018-2022)247 x 185mm
SPTFAG-IPADP12.9Paper Texture Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9″, Gen.3-6 (2018-2022)261 x 163mm