Sview Blue Light Cut Filter for 14.1 inch Wide


  • Screen Size : 302 x 189 mm
  • Aspect Ratio 16 : 10
  • Anti-UV : 99% (200-400nm)
  • Anti-Blue Light : Approx 45% (380-500nm)
  • Anti-Glare : prevent glare and eye fatigue
  • Anti Scratch : HB hardness
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Made in Korea

Product description

Anti-Blue Light Function

Protects your eyes from harmful blue light, and prevents eye strain. Helps you to have a sound sleep.

Enhanced Color Transmittance

Based on patented technology, Sview Blue Light Cut Filter provide better color transmittance.

Anti-Glare Function

Using Anti-Glare coating, blocks glare from the screen and reduces eye fatigue.

Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fingerprint

Prevents the screen from scratches and fingerprints.

Easy Installation

Using double sided tape or slide-on/off hang-tabs, you could easily install Privacy Filter on the screen.

Privacy Filter Structure

What is Blue Light

Blue Light is the blue colored light existing in 380~500m wavelength emitted from all the LED screens such as computer monitor, laptop, cell phone and TV.

Blue light suppresses the body’s release of melatonin8, a hormone that makes us feel drowsy. While this may be helpful during the day, it becomes unhelpful at night when we’re trying to sleep. Being exposed to blue light in the evening can trick our brain into thinking it’s still daytime, disrupting circadian rhythms and leaving us feeling alert instead of tired.Blue light is not absorbed into crystalline lens of eyes but reaches retina making it weak and is one of the main cause of aging eyeball and blear eyes.

Sview Hanging Type Privacy Filter cuts about 55% of harmful Blue Light wavelength from the screen.
It prevents eye strain and makes you have a deep sleep.

How to install

Option 1. Slide-on/off hang-tabs

  1. Detach the slide-on/off hang-tabs.
  2. Remove the protection film from the slide-on/off hang-tabs.
  3. Attach the slide-on/off hang-tabs on the bezel of the screen (left, right, and bottom).
  4. Slide the Blue Light Cut Filter on the screen after removing the protection film.

Option 2.  Double sided tape

  1. Clean your screen with the enclosed cleaning cloth before installation.
  2. Detach the double-sided tape and attach it on the back side of the Privacy Filter (close to the edge of the filter).
  3. Detach the protection film from the double-sided tape.
  4. Attach the Blue Light Cut Filter on the screen.




Product Size

302 x 189 mm

Warranty Period