Netac USB Drive Encryption Software Guide

1. Put the software "NetacLockFile.exe" into your USB Drive.

2. Double click to run, you will enter the registration page on the first time, setup the password with the strength you chose below.

3. Then set the password protection question. This question can help you reset the password in case you forgot.

4. Once success you will see the main interface. Simply drag & drop the file you want to encrypt into the encryption area, system will copy the file to your drive and encrypt it automatically.

5. Encrypted file will be shown as above format. If you want to decrypt it , run NetacLockFile.exe and click that file in the drive directory, input the password to unlock.

6. To relock the file, navigate to the drive folder on the right hand side, drag & drop those file to encryption area. Once it done loading, you can eventually remove the drive.

NetacLockFile.exe Download Link