Immerse yourself in a unique world of sound and images with Clicktronic. Blank out the background noise of everyday life and simply let yourself drift away. Experience high-quality entertainment in your home, just like in the cinema, stadium or concert hall. The design made in Germany has been awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022.

As a Germany brand specialized in audio/video cabling products. Clicktronic attaches great importance to durability and stability. Our quality promise: 10-year warranty on our cables. The proprietary construction of our connection cables makes them extremely robust. The three-part connector construction made of PVC and ABS components compensates for jerky pulling on the cable, making it ideally protected against cable breakage. High-quality, gold-plated contacts and pure copper conductors transmit audio and video signals in maximum quality for a perfect home cinema and gaming experience. The Clicktronic cables enable a razor-sharp picture and have the fastest transmission speed currently available.